90 Ball Bingo Games

Everyone loves to play 90 Ball Bingo that is why it is the number one Bingo game played either online or offline. The game structure is one of the easiest to understand with only three possible winning combinations in each game.

As the name suggests the game of 90 Ball Bingo uses 90 Bingo balls and these are from one to ninety (you may have already guessed that!) and every ticket you purchase will have 15 numbers printed up on it.

Your Bingo ticket consists of three lines each with 5 numbers on each row across, and once the game starts the first prize will be awarded to the first person who manages to cross off a any single line across.

The next Bingo prize awarded is for getting any two lines across on any Bingo ticket. Once a player claims a two line win the game moves onto the biggest paying round and that is awarded to the player who has a full house, this is when all numbers have been crossed off your Bingo ticket.

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They have ticket cards that cost from just one cent and they have some excellent 90 Ball Bingo jackpot games available, these jackpots keep on rising until one lucky player wins then so, you cannot win unless you are in!

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